Najib W. BS (Physics)

Georgetown University

"Rabih and Nada were instrumental in helping me polish the essays that I used when applying to Georgetown and U Chicago. I truly believe the message I was trying to get across was clarified and made more powerful using their suggestions. They are friendly, professional, and unbelievably canny when it comes to knowing what admissions officers are looking for. I was accepted early to Georgetown and Chicago.”

Tian H. (Mathematics)

University of Toronto

"The college application process can be pretty overwhelming. Under The guidance of Rabih and Nada I was able to organize and approach each aspect more effectively."

Gina A. (Management)

University of Southern California

"Having Rabih’s help as I was applying to the University of Southern California was a truly powerful advantage in the admissions process. His kindness, professionalism and dedication to each person he works with is truly unparalleled, and any applicant would recognize him as a valuable asset in pursuit of their goals. I genuinely learned so much from Rabih, including writing and critical thinking skills that I can now apply to a variety of contexts, and highly recommend seeking his guidance for career and college counseling”.

Nader N. (BA-Architecture)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC)

"Rabih pointed me in the exact direction I needed specifically when I needed it. Rabih introduced me to the Southern California Institute of Architecture, (SCI-Arc) a totally unconventional university and a school that I could only dream of attending. He shaped me and my application in such detail and without him I wouldn’t have felt like a strong candidate for this university. Rabih is a true scholar and professional, he is very critical and pays extreme attentional to detail and because of that I am very grateful. I guarantee that no matter what you choose to study Rabih has got your back.”

Nicholas K. (Engineering)

Duke University

"With Rabih’s and Nada's mentorship, I was able to portray myself in an exciting and truthful manner. Their advice does not only pertain to the college application process, but also allowed me to evaluate my own strengths and career goals."

Daniel N. (Astrophysics)

UC Berkeley

"Rabih does an excellent job of listening, creating a plan and bringing that plan to fruition in the real world. He has the experience necessary not only to help you get to the program you want to be in but also plays a wicked smart devil's advocate and in doing so assures you of your own path. He has helped me continuously grow along my journey. “

Aida A. (Ph.D candidate- Environmental Science)

Imperial College London

"Rabih has helped me all throughout my academic career, from tailoring essay, to giving me advice during my degree. I felt heard and supported through the application process and when voicing my concerns. Rabih's help has been invaluable. All his suggestions and changes made my essays stronger and were greatly tailored to the programs I was applying to. He made the process easier and significantly clearer."

Omar W. MA (Political Science)

Harvard University

"I have known Rabih personally for many years. I consulted with him for both my undergraduate and graduate admissions processes. I was always impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge of colleges and universities, and as a result I was able to understand the strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, of so many programs across the country in my field. I believe he would be a valuable resource for anyone regardless of his or her stage in pursuing higher education."