Our Services

In addition to CCIS regular counseling program, area-specialized consultants provide services for a wide array of students.

General Services

CCIS provides services to:

Students wishing to study in the US, UK or Canada (details provided under the "Process" section)

Students with English language deficiencies

Students with special needs and physical challenges (universal access and design)

Students seeking to transfer to different colleges

Students seeking professional degrees ( MD, JD, etc.)

Students with special educational needs and/or learning differences (ADHD, AUTISM, ASD, LD AND DYSLEXIA,ETC)

Students interested in Music or Art academies, and other non-traditional colleges, such as acting schools, etc.

Students seeking single gender colleges

Gifted and high performing students seeking most selective colleges

Students interested in boarding schools (ages 14-19)

CCIS also offers:

Personality profiling and assessment

College major analysis

Personality career matching

Specialized Services

CCIS also provides the following services:

Pre college summer programs at selective universities ( Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, MIT, etc.)

Online high school coursework supplements to enhance student academic skills and college preparation

Adult education and degree completion (online or at college

College test prepping ( TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT)

Boarding school prepping (ISEE, PSAT, SSAT, TOEFL JUNIOR)

Setting college tours and meetings with admissions department

Helping with housing needs and evaluating different options

Post college enrollment follow-up

Progress monitoring and mentoring